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"Fruit Garden" - Gründung Ecovillage auf den Azoren / Sao Miguel

We are seaching participants to realise the ecovillage "Fruit Garden" 

Location: Povocao, Sao Miguel, Azores, (belongs to Portugal), directly on the seaside / seaview. The land is embedded and protected from the Wind, cars and any other noises between two hills. You can only hear the birds, the trees, the wind and the sea:). 

Space: 27ha of mainly forrest 

Aktual development status: Before purchase 

Future legal form under Portugeses law: Cooperative 

Organisation location and location of iniciation: Berlin, Germany

Our mission: "Fruit Garden" will probably follow this path: ... nature-based regenerative culture community, where a  group of people of mixed ages create and demonstrate an abundant and thriving existence on and from the Rock, while enhancing the ecosystem they live in.
Our Vision: Our vision is to create a thriving, resilient and diverse community, a place of reconnection to nature and ourselves, and to model and teach permaculture, nature connection and community building. We are connected to the art world, so there will also be integrated spce for it...

For futher information Please contact uns on: +49 179 8301020 / Email: