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Roadmapping a Viable Community-Led Housing Sector for Ireland # 3 FINANCE

This is the third of five Handbooks from a series researched and published by Self-Organised Achitecture (SOA) in Ireland. The series is free to download and read, and aims at being an introduction to the topics of community-led housing, breaking down various components and processes. 
The third Handbook, FINANCE, examines available financial approaches for CLH in Ireland and recommends measures to ensure a viable sector. The handbook includes various Case Studies from Europe and it is addressed to Irish policymakers and financial institutions alike. 
This publication series is the result of a 12-month multi-stakeholder research project to inform and support the establishment of a Community-Led Housing (CLH) infrastructure in Ireland.
The research is intended to explain the concept, and to inform policy decisions which can facilitate a broad variety of approaches to CLH. The handbooks identify current financial and legal roadblocks and suggest measures to address these. Recommendations are founded on comprehensive research of supportive policy for Community-Led Housing in the EU and the UK which empower communities to develop solutions addressing their particular housing needs.
You can learn more about the project by visiting the SOA website