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 01. Aug 2020

Architecture / Families / Intentional Communities

In an article written by Sophie Rzepecky for Assemble Papers, artist Ruth Buchanan tells about her experience of co-housing at R50 in Berlin, bringing together her experience of working and living in a community environment.

 31. Aug 2020
 09. Aug 2020
 31. Aug 2020
 24. Jul 2020

Ownership Structures / Families / Intentional Communities

Die Vizedirektorin bei Wohnbaugenossenschaften Schweiz, Verband der gemeinnützigen Wohnbauträger, Rebecca Omoregie spricht über Genossenschaften in der Schweiz und die Notwendigkeit eines Nachbarschaftlichen Netzes in zeiten von Covid-19.

 13. Aug 2020

Families / Intentional Communities

In this video from January 2020 for TEDxCherryCreekWoman, Trish Becker-Hafnor tells the story and motivation behind the community-making process behind her current cohousing initiative, sta

 13. Jul 2020
 10. Mar 2020

Families / Intentional Communities

Originally published on Flagstaff Business News, the article describes the initial phases of a co-housing project taking shape in Flagstaff, featuring interviews with prospective residents on what additional values they see in co-housing compared with other forms of habitation.

 04. May 2020

Families / Women / Intentional Communities

Produced by Cooperative Housing International and published in 2019, the video consists of an interview with Alexandra Wilson, ICA board members and CEO of Agency for Co-operative Housing.

 10. Apr 2020

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