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Frequently asked Questions

Project Entry

Yes, these entries are also welcome at CoHousing | Berlin. After all, you should have the opportunity to find fellow campaigners here. When entering the project, you will come across the input fields for the project address in the "Property / Building" section. Enter a temporary address, e.g. of the project office, if possible. Please make sure to update the data.

Idea Entry

For this purpose, the category "Ideas" ( exists, which functions as a press and media mirror. In addition to references, independently written articles also find their place here.


Log In

The reasons for this can be different.

  • Is the user name or email address correct ?
  • Is the password correct ?

If the password is not correct, you can request a new password to the email address with which you are registered at CoHousing | Berlin.


Here's a link to the cost model:

Event Entry

An appointment entry is both free and possible without registration. Under the item "Add appointment" ( you will find more details.

Log Out

You no longer want to be listed as a professional or you want to remove a residential project from the results list? Just write us an email to


Profile Entry

In the edit mask there is the input field "Involved in the following projects". This can be used to create links. These will then be displayed on your profile.

First, we recommend refreshing the results list once again. It may make sense to clear the browser cache. In Firefox, you can do this, for example, by pressing F5 and Ctrl together.
Sometimes we may turn off a profile after repeated unsuccessful payment requests. This happens very rarely, but if it should still be the case, just write to us ( and we can make the profile public again after the invoice has been settled.