Stadtgut Blankenfelde e.V.

The non-profit Stadtgut Blankenfelde e.V. set its sights on filling the historical landmark landing of the old estate with new life. Apartments for the members of the society are to be created, and a venue is to be created, giving way to a colorful arts, cultural, youth and educational scene. The project is being developed in cooperation with the Trias Foundation. Following a limited architectural competition, a framework of plans for the estate has been developed.

Horizontale Reiter 01

Project type
We are not currently looking for cohousing project partipipants
Project type
Individual Apartments in One Shared Building
Lived in
Property / building
Buildung type
Kind of building
Old Building
Special characteristics
  • Sustainable rehabilitation
Energy comsumption kWh/(m²a)
80 kWh/(m²a)
Property size
55 000 m²
Apartment units
Number of apartments
Number of available apartments
Total area of living space
2 800 m²
Legal and financial aspects
Construction cost
4 300 000,- €
Form of Ownership
To rent

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Cohousing members
Children / youth
0 Personen
Adults (under 60)
0 Personen
Adults (over 60)
0 Personen
Target group
  • Who fit with us !
Form of decision making
Group Decides by Consensus
Individual Floorplans and Individual Decisions on Accouterment
  • Land Stewardship and promoting environmental awareness
Community spaces
Community spaces encompassed by the project
Community Spaces

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