Klimasolarhaus Berlin GbR

Passive house as Multi Family House

The first passive house in Berlin as a multiple family house was erected by a multi-generational co-housing group that now lives there as a community.

Horizontale Reiter 01

Project type
We are not currently looking for cohousing project partipipants
Project type
Individual Apartments in One Shared Building
Lived in
Property / building
Buildung type
Kind of building
New building
Energy comsumption kWh/(m²a)
10 kWh/(m²a)
Apartment units
Number of apartments
Number of available apartments
Total area of living space
2 000 m²
Legal and financial aspects
Form of Ownership
To own

Horizontale Reiter 02

Cohousing members
Children / youth
0 Personen
Adults (under 60)
0 Personen
Adults (over 60)
0 Personen
Community spaces
Community spaces encompassed by the project
Community Spaces
Size of community spaces

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