Baugruppe Wohnkreation - Mitte

Berlin Senate pilot project awards property to co-housing communities

This apartment building encompasses a total of nine living units that extend from the floor above ground level up to the roof level and is being brought to completion by a Baugemeinschaft. Conceptually, it is to be complemented by a indoor community space and outdoor community garden as well as a commercial space to be used by a community organization to be determined by the group. Located in Berlin-Mitte, this property was the very first that the Berlin real estate endowment fund awarded specifically to a Baugemeinschaft, set to be sold at a pre-determined price (in 2008-2009).

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Project type
We are not currently looking for cohousing project partipipants
Project type
Individual Apartments in One Shared Building
Lived in
Property / building
Buildung type
Kind of building
New building
Energy comsumption kWh/(m²a)
25 kWh/(m²a)
Apartment units
Number of apartments
Number of available apartments
Legal and financial aspects
Form of Ownership
To own

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Cohousing members
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