Community During Crisis: Capitol Hill Urban Cohousing and the Challenges of COVID 19

 Friday, 13. November 2020

In her contribution for the CoLab Research's Blogpost series on COVID19 and Cohousing, Grace Kim shares insights from Capitol Hill Urban Cohousing, Seattle, the community she co-founded. An architect and co-founding principal of Schemata Workshop, Kim writes about the physical, social and economic challenges that Capitol Hill Urban Cohousing has been facing during the pandemic, explaining the community-based, resilient ways in which residents rose to meet emergent needs. Ranging from the creation of a donation-based emergency fund residents could request help from without questions asked, to the spatial rearrangements to make sure community has ways to thrive and support its members whilst ensuring thorough safety measures, Kim's writing is especially interesting when considering its implications for the high-vs-low urban density debate. In fact, her writing suggests that although initially linked to a faster, more pervasive spread of the pandemic, higher urban density could be a step towards more resilient communities, as social and material resources are to be found closer to one's place of residence, curbing the need to travel.

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