Kurfürstenstraße 142/143

Kurfürstenstraße 142/143 is a residential tower project formed as a community of like minded people working in Berlin’s cultural sector. Each unit, regardless of its size, features double-height (5m) living spaces and lower split level spaces (2,5m). With a large garden, generous lobbies, basement storage, and a shared rooftop, a special feature of the building is the large operable triple-glazed windows in each unit. The building, which has commercial spaces on the ground level, is located in the center of Berlin’s gallery district. On the corner of Kurfürstenstraße and Frobenstraße, the building is a mere 15m from the U1 Kurfürstenstraße station. 

Expected completion date: summer of 2021.


Information on available apartments are provided here.

Note on the apartment numbers: the building is composed of six (6) interlocking towers. The apartment numbers indicate both the tower number and the level of the apartment’s entrance. For example, Apartment 6.2 is in tower 6, and you enter on the second floor. 


Architects (construction phase): Schäferwenninger Projekte

Architects (design): Johanna Meyer-Grohbrügge, Sam Chermayeff (June14


Horizontale Reiter 01

Project type
We are still searching cohousing project participants
Project type
Hausgemeinschaft - abgeschlossene Wohnungen
Under Construction
Start date construction
1. January 2020
Property / building
Buildung type
Kind of building
New building
Apartment units
Number of apartments
Number of available apartments
Legal and financial aspects
Legal structure
Form of Ownership
To own

Horizontale Reiter 02

Cohousing members
Children / youth
4 Personen
Adults (under 60)
20 Personen
Target group
  • Alle
Form of decision making
Minimal - Architect Makes Most Decisions
  • Live-Work Combinations
  • Atelier
Community spaces
Community spaces encompassed by the project
Community Spaces
Community Terrace
Community Gardens
Business spaces
Numbers of business spaces3
Total area of business space
500 m²
Type of businesses
  • Atelier- und Werkräume
  • Gallery

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