generationengemischtes Wohnen in der Villenkolonie Lichterfelde West

Unser gemeinschaftliches Wohnprojekt befindet sich in der heißen Ausbauphase. Alle 18 Parteien sind im Boot.

Derzeit sind keine Wohnungen im Projekt verfügbar.

Horizontale Reiter 01

Project type
We are not currently looking for cohousing project partipipants
Project type
Hausgemeinschaft - abgeschlossene Wohnungen
Under Construction
Start date construction
10. August 2015
Property / building
Buildung type
Kind of building
New building
Special characteristics
  • KfW 70 - corresponding loans possible
  • Handicapped Accessible
Property size
2 076 m²
Apartment units
Number of apartments
Number of available apartments
Total area of living space
1 850 m²
Legal and financial aspects
Legal structure
Form of Ownership
To own

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Cohousing members
Children / youth
11 Personen
Adults (under 60)
15 Personen
Adults (over 60)
11 Personen
Form of decision making
Minimal - Architect Makes Most Decisions
Group Decides by Consensus
Individual Floorplans and Individual Decisions on Accouterment
  • Ecological Emphasis
Community spaces
Community spaces encompassed by the project
Community Spaces
Community Gardens
Size of community spaces
Size of community garden
Business spaces
Numbers of business spaces1
Total area of business space
40 m²
Type of businesses
  • Psychotherapeutische Praxis

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