Ownership Structures

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 07. Mar 2020

Ownership Structures

ntv berichtet über Gesetztevorschlag der Linken, womit dem weiteren Verkauf von landeseigenen Grundstücken entgegen getreten werden soll.

 25. Mar 2020

Ownership Structures / Housing Markets

Thorsten metzner berichtet über die ablehnende Haltung der Brandenburger CDU gegenüber Mietendeckel und Enteignung von privaten Wohnungsgesellschaften.

 25. Mar 2020
 28. Feb 2020

Architecture / Ownership Structures / Intentional Communities

Written by Florian Heilmeyer and published on Metropolis, the article describes the Cooperative Housing project Haus 6 in Moabit, Berlin, built by the local firm Sauerbruch Hutton.

 24. Mar 2020
 02. Mar 2020

Ownership Structures / Intentional Communities / Housing Markets

Written by Dan Wu and Greg Lindsay and originally published on Coop-News, the article discusses future visions for cities and what smart cities scenarios would entail in terms of surveillance and data monetization.

 24. Mar 2020
 13. Jan 2020

Architecture / Ownership Structures / Housing Markets

Miriam Axel-Lute writes about the condescension—and impracticality—of recommending tiny homes as a solution to housing unaffordability.

 18. Feb 2020
 07. Jan 2020

Architecture / Ownership Structures

Karen Noetzel schreibt in der Berliner Woche über den geplanten Teilabriss des Jugendzentrums Rathenower Straße. Die Initiative "Wem gehört Berlin" fordert politische Entscheidungsträger in einem offenen Brief auf, einen Runden Tisch einzuberufen, um das Dilemma zu lösen.

 23. Jan 2020
 18. Nov 2019

Architecture / Ownership Structures

Published by Taylor & Francis and edited by Pernilla Hagbert, Henrik Gutson Larsen, Håkan Thörn and Cathrin Wasshede, this Open Access book critically engages with cohousing, placing it in the context of other housing forms and making comparisons

 19. Jan 2020
 20. Nov 2019

Ownership Structures / Intentional Communities

Written for Assemble Papers, Manuel Lutz's essay addresses cohousing in German-speaking Europe, its impact on the solidarity of everyday life and the importance of such community-approaches to living together by looking at various model projects.

 19. Jan 2020

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