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Architecture / Finances / Ecology

In her TEDxLeuven talk from 2016, Eef Tanghe addresses compelling questions about environmentally and socially sustainable housing in an incresingly densely urbanised and populated world, drawing on her own long-stansing experience with co-housing and co-housing consultancy from an architetural,

 04. Dec 2019

Intentional Communities

At TEDxCardiffbytheSea in 2017, Bianca Heyming, founder and long-standing resident of an intentional community, provides an introduction on her experience, sharing insights on the implications of living in a community and the commitment it entails, as well as the huge potential for contemporary a

 04. Dec 2019

Housing Markets

The Collective- a new apartment block initiated in response to the rising rents in the London aims at affordable living and improved social life by providing private apartments and shared common spaces based on the concept of cohousing

 04. Dec 2019


Auf Startnext hoffen wir auf Eure Unterstützung, wir glauben: Keiner soll alleine sein, sondern Zugang zu einer offenen und lebendigen Gemeinschaft haben, in der das Leben aufblüht.

 03. Dec 2019

Families / Seniors

A 2015 TED talk given by Dr. Erica Elliott about her experiences of living in a cohousing community for the past 25 years.

 02. Dec 2019

Ein Film der Autoren und Produzenten Burkhard Grießenauer, Daniel Kunle und Holger Lauinger entstanden mit Hilfe des SEELAND Medienkooperative e.V. über das Mietshäuser Syndikat.
Gratis anzuschauen!

 19. Dec 2016

Dieses Video gibt einen Einblick in die EXPERIMENTDAYS 2014, welche auf dem Spreefeld Berlin veranstaltet wurden.

 10. Dec 2015
 15. Oct 2015

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