Hier findet ihr Artikel und Beiträge aus der Presse zu den Themen CoHousing, gemeinschaftliche Wohnprojekte, Baugemeinschaften, Wohnungspolitik und nachhaltige Stadtentwicklung.

 18. Aug 2015
University of Cincinnati students score big in the 2015 perFORM Building Design Competition.

This article features results from perFORM Building Design Competition which emphasised on houses with high performance but at the same time innovative design.

 19. Sep 2019
 28. Apr 2016

This article features the worlds largest coliving project known as The Collective Old Oak. Based in London, the project is a combination of student housing and hotels and will combine the best of both worlds to provide an affordable and socialy enriching way of living.

 19. Sep 2019
 01. Jul 2016

This article provides an interesting insight into the rising role of social media, mobile apps and startups for cohousing/coliving.

 19. Sep 2019
 19. Okt 2015
The cohousing model for coliving startups

Common is a startup cofounded by Brad Hargreaves in response to housing demands caused due to changing lifestyles, higher living costs and expensive rents in New York.

 19. Sep 2019
 06. Nov 2015
In a new model of living, residents will have their own “microunits” built around a shared living space for cooking, eat

An innovative coliving enterprise stared by Real Estate developer Troy Evans. 'Commonspace' as it is referred to focuses mainly on millenials looking for an affordable private living space but at the same time the benefits of living with friends and community.

 19. Sep 2019
 16. Feb 2015
New housing scheme offering older people the chance to live independently but in a shared community will open to residen

This article speaks about Britain’s first cohousing scheme specifically designed for the senior citizens as well as the role of government in stengthening cohousing intiatives in the country

 19. Sep 2019
 08. Jun 2016
Ó Cualann Cohousing Alliance to build 49 houses, starting at €140,000 up to €199,000

An article by the Irish Times on affordable housing schemes and the cohousing sector in the city of Dublin.

 19. Sep 2019
 03. Feb 2016
'This is not some odd compound in the jungle somewhere where you don’t drink the Kool-Aid'

An article which gives a brief take on the differences between houses construcuted by private developers and houses built by the cohousing model

 19. Sep 2019

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