Hier gibt es Artikel, Videos und Links zu allem, was mit Frauen im Bereich CoHousing zu tun hat.

 14. Sep 2016

Frauen / Lebensgemeinschaften / Senioren

Originally published on Atlas Obscura, the artlcle reports on the history and egalitarian community life of Awra Amba, an over-400 people strong intentional community founded almost 50 years ago in the Ethopian Highlands according to egalitarian, feminist and puritan ideas.

 04. Dez 2019
 03. Okt 2019


"In Berlin fährt das deutschlandweit erste Duschmobil für obdachlose Frauen. Es ist ein Erfolg, aber dem Projekt fehlt für 2020 das Geld."

 02. Dez 2019
 24. Apr 2015


An article that focuses on the changing demographic and social patterns in the United States and the role of cohousing to fill in the gaps left by the traditional housing sector caused due these changing patterns

 02. Dez 2019
 19. Aug 2016

Frauen / Senioren

This pathbreaking 'by women for women' cohousing project in North London is designed to include women above 50 and focuses on the ideas of sharing and supporting each other to reduce social isolation

 02. Dez 2019
 24. Okt 2019
 14. Nov 2019

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