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 01. Mär 2020

Familien / Senioren

The article, written by David Brooks and originally appeared on The Atlantic, engages with contemporary sociological phenomena and themes such as the decentralization of family like and the necessity to recognise that alternative arrangements of cohabitation may offer more enrichng perspective co

 13. Mär 2020
 13. Feb 2020

Familien / Senioren

In this article by Joe Pinsker and originally published on The Atlantic, the author inquiries the possible future scenarios after the "failure" of the model of the nuclear family, on which great part of the Nort American culture was based.

 13. Mär 2020

Familien / Lebensgemeinschaften

Produced by BPS News and published on YouTube in February 2017, this report explores the increase in cohousing trends in Denmark and the US, exploring the benefits of intergenerational, international co-habitation and resource sharing.

 19. Jan 2020
 13. Jan 2020

Familien / Lebensgemeinschaften

Originally appeared on the Irish Examiner, the article by Joyce Fegan reports on the progress of Ireland's first co-housing project, based on the model established by the Lilac project in Leeds, UK.

 16. Jan 2020
 10. Jan 2020

Familien / Lebensgemeinschaften

Originally written by Sarah Lozanova for Earth911, the articles provides an overview of the core principles underpinning cohousing communities, as well as accounting for the varied array of existing cohousing arrangements, ranging from eco villages to cohousing fllatshares.

 14. Jan 2020
 09. Okt 2019

Familien / Lebensgemeinschaften / Ökologie

Originally appeared as a commentary written by Ben Brock Johnson, a co-housing community resident in Massachussets, the article illustrates the advantages of co-housing in combating social isolation, feelings of loneliness and alienation from one's own neighbours and climate-change-related anxiet

 19. Dez 2019
 23. Okt 2019

Familien / Lebensgemeinschaften

In an article originally appeared on Positive News, Lucy Douglas looks at the co-housing model as having the potential to transform citizenry for the best and constitute a genuinely sustainable model in times of crisis. 

 07. Dez 2019
 27. Dez 2018

Familien / Wohnungsmärkte

David Roberts writes about the difficulties of adult friendships because of housing choices.

 04. Dez 2019

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