Bilder und Videos

An dieser Stelle findet ihr Bildergalerien, Filme und Ähnliches, rund um das Thema CoHousing und gemeinschaftliches Bauen. Wenn ihr noch eure Videos beitragt, dann wird dieses Angebot richtig rund.

Familien / Lebensgemeinschaften

In this video from January 2020 for TEDxCherryCreekWoman, Trish Becker-Hafnor tells the story and motivation behind the community-making process behind her current cohousing initiative, sta

 13. Jul 2020


Produced by Cooperative Housing International, the video consists of an interview with Alexandra Wilson, ICA board member and CEO of Agency for Co-operative Housing.

 04. Mai 2020

Familien / Frauen / Lebensgemeinschaften

Produced by Cooperative Housing International and published in 2019, the video consists of an interview with Alexandra Wilson, ICA board members and CEO of Agency for Co-operative Housing.

 10. Apr 2020

Eigentumsformen / Lebensgemeinschaften / Wohnungsmärkte

Produced by Co-operatives UK, the video covers the story of students-led cooperative housing schemes and initiatives, signalling a shift in ownership structures and ways of co-habitating.

 10. Apr 2020

Lebensgemeinschaften / Wohnungsmärkte

Dokumentation des WDR über Co-Housing als Alternative zu steigenden Mieten und Mangel an Wohnraum.

 25. Mär 2020

Architektur / Lebensgemeinschaften / Ökologie

Published in April 2019 by Permaculture Online, the video reports on the LILAC Green Cohousing in UK,  covering topics ranging from how the unique initiative first came about, the architectural adjustments for genuinely sustainable buildings and community development.

 17. Feb 2020

Architektur / Lebensgemeinschaften

In this TED Talk by architect Grace Kim in 2017, the links between architecture, feelings of loneliness and the advantages of cohousing structures are introduced, with the idea that shared and community spaces can fundamentally changes the way we perceive ourselves in relation to the people who l

 19. Jan 2020

Familien / Lebensgemeinschaften

Produced by BPS News and published on YouTube in February 2017, this report explores the increase in cohousing trends in Denmark and the US, exploring the benefits of intergenerational, international co-habitation and resource sharing.

 19. Jan 2020

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