In Berlin 85% of people rent their homes — and prices are spiralling

 Freitag, 22. Oktober 2021

Zoe Dare Hall's article for the Financial Times offers an international perspective on the spiralling Berlin rental market. Referencing representatives and spokepersons from housing agencies as well as data from home search platforms, the article paints an accurate, if disenheartening, picture of the situation renters in Berlin have to face. The article also features contrasting positions, between supporters and opponents of widely discussed measures such as the revoked rental cap, and the recently held nonbinding referendum on expropriation of large real estate companies, suggesting that nationalisation, if eventually implemented, might not be as easy a fix as initally hoped for. What can be done, then, to properly ensure that average Berlin earners are not gentrified out, and that there is enough housing available for all income brackets?

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