Hier gibt es Artikel, Videos und Links zu allem, was mit Architektur im Bereich CoHousing zu tun hat.

Architektur / Lebensgemeinschaften

In this TED Talk by architect Grace Kim in 2017, the links between architecture, feelings of loneliness and the advantages of cohousing structures are introduced, with the idea that shared and community spaces can fundamentally changes the way we perceive ourselves in relation to the people who l

 19. Jan 2020

Architektur / Lebensgemeinschaften / Ökologie

Published in April 2019 by Permaculture Online, the video reports on the LILAC Green Cohousing in UK,  covering topics ranging from how the unique initiative first came about, the architectural adjustments for genuinely sustainable buildings and community development.

 19. Jan 2020
 18. Nov 2019

Architektur / Eigentumsformen

Published by Taylor & Francis and edited by Pernilla Hagbert, Henrik Gutson Larsen, Håkan Thörn and Cathrin Wasshede, this Open Access book critically engages with cohousing, placing it in the context of other housing forms and making comparisons

 19. Jan 2020
 09. Jan 2020
 16. Jan 2020
 12. Dez 2019

Architektur / Wohnungsmärkte

In this essay for e-Flux, the authors draw on a critique of land-privatization and its socially damaging consequences as legalized theft, deeping their analysis beyond the acknowledgment that many countries are facing a lack of affordable housing and social housing.

 19. Dez 2019
 25. Nov 2019

Architektur / Lebensgemeinschaften / Ökologie

Housing cooperative HSB is leading the construction of Sweden's largest solar-panel park.

 19. Dez 2019
 07. Jun 2019

Architektur / CoLiving / CoWorking / Digitalisierung

Sarah Holder, in her article for CityLab, reports on the largest co-living building ever proposed.

 17. Dez 2019
 11. Sep 2019


"Atelierräume für eine kombinierte Wohn- und Arbeitsnutzung zu bezahlbaren Konditionen zu finden, ist im städtischen Raum schwierig und häufig nur befristet möglich.

 04. Dez 2019

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